I Know the Way

“Commit thy way unto the Lord, trust also in Him and HE shall bring it to pass.” Psalms 37:5

On Nov 13, 1997 my Dad and I went to visit my brother Gordon at school  in upstate New York,  in a town called New City. I insisted on getting driving instructions from the director of the school. My father told me it wasn’t necessary because he already knew the way. I figured it had been such a long time since he was there; let me get the instructions anyway. Dad told me “if you insist then get the instructions, but I’m telling you I know the way.”

We started off that cold day. It was a beautiful though with the snow covering the trees and houses. I sat with the instructions in hand and we followed everything to the letter. When we arrived at the exit, was when the nightmare began. We drove for about 20 minutes, but no sign of the school. I didn’t recognize anything. We pulled over for gas and I went to call the school and was given new instructions. My dad sat and watched patiently. When I got to the van he said, “I told you I don’t need instructions because I know the way”. Nevertheless, he allowed me to read the new instructions. Well this went on for over 1 hour. The more twists and turns we made, the more I realized we were lost.Photo Apr 2, 2013, 3-50 PM

I was completely frustrated and finally relented to my father, who repeatedly said, “I told you, I know the way”. I finally said “okay Dad let’s do it your way”. Well…. he made a few turns here and there and within 15 minutes we were driving down the street where Gordon’s school is located. Within another five minutes, Dad pulled into the parking lot. I was completely floored. I sat in the car after Dad jumped out and couldn’t understand what was wrong with the instructions. I had written them down exactly and re read them to the director to make sure they were correct.

I finally removed my humbled self from the van and arrived inside to be greeted by the resident director. She had already heard the story from my Dad. She said the instructions were right, but the road we were on was wrong. There are two highways to get to my brother’s school. You can take Palisades Parkway or the Major Deegan. She had given instructions for the Major Deegan and we were on Palisades Parkway. On my way back home, we took the Major Deegan and low and behold the exit was exactly what she had given.

You know this was truly an experience for me, but I do need to note that the whole time we drove around “lost” for 1 hour my Dad not once got angry or upset with me. He had a quiet, confidence and assurance because he kept saying; “I know the way”. The one who was lost was I, not him.

How many times do we insist on being in the driver’s seat and our Heavenly Father tells you “I know the way”. But we insist on doing things our way. Right instructions, but on the wrong road. I realized a few things from this “ordeal”

  1. Let Go and Let God, learn how to relinquish. Leave the driving to Him.
  2. Realize that I don’t know everything. Lean not on my own understanding
  3. Trust God for his leading by the Holy Spirit
  4. Stop trying to “fix it”, for the more I tried to fix the situation the worse it became!
  5. Know that God knows the direction I take as nothing surprises Him. God uses all things for our good even if it is wrong.

“But, He knows the way that I take. When has tested me I shall come forth as pure gold.” Job 23:10

by Pamela Echols ( All rights reserved)

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