This month’s highlight is a fireside chat between Bishop Jakes and Pastor Steven Furtick. The format allows you to feel like you are a part of the conversation, listening in on every word. They discuss Bishop’s book, “SOAR” which gives pertinent instructions on how to build your vision from the ground up. In this intimate setting you feel like you are part of the conversation as the two have an awe- inspiring conversation about entrepreneurship and leadership.

Jakes states ” You are at your best when you are authentic at your core and you have to be what you are, not what they call you. Sometimes people will call you a name and you start living up to to the name and it limits you to what else God wants to do in your life. He further says “At the core of everything, SOAR! Is saying don’t be limited.” Failure should be a tool to keep us moving forward. He talks about how frustration will consistently be present when people are feeling stuck and are not open to moving forward.

Watch for yourself and be open to what God is speaking to you at this time. Be ready to SOAR!!


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