Lifestyle is defined by individual interests, opinions, behaviors, and orientation based on many factors. The home is the essence of a person’s lifestyle. Finding one’s style can rest on the elements of a person’s background, neighborhood, levels of experiences in what one was exposed to throughout one’s life (from childhood to adulthood).  Whatever the case, the home is such an integral part of a person’s personality.

Professor Gosling, an associate professor of psychology at the University of Texas at Austin in his first book “Snoop” explores how we display our personalities in unexpected and unplanned ways in our private spaces: “One way to think about it is that there are lots of ways we portray our personality in day-to-day life, both deliberately and inadvertently.” One-way Prof Gosling explains his theory is called “psychology of space” which simply comes down to what does your “stuff” say about you.

This page will present a plethora of ideas to muse or try for yourself as you define or redefine your personal space. Explore and have fun!!

My first choice for go to ideas  is Rebecca Robeson of Robeson Design!! I cannot get enough of her fabulous decor styles.  She has an abundance of ideas from small spaces to luxury houses. Check out some of her videos. You will be hooked.


Organization is key and the person to watch is Nikki at Home whose business has expanded to include At Work with Nikki. She has an extraordinary gift for organizing your home and work space. I have personally utilized her strategies and they work every time. I cannot say enough about Ms. Nikki! She has exquisite taste and her simplistic, clean style is contagious.


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