Whole 30 for a New You

Whole30 is the new buzz in the food world. Creators of the program, Melissa and Dallas Hartwig are a Certified Sports Nutritionist and 11140408_10155850767050604_5967777665719369939_nCertified Physical Therapist respectively. The Whole 30 started with New York Times book It Starts with Food , which outlines the initial program of resetting a life of unhealthy eating habits.

The program offers a difference in its approach, as it’s not just about losing weight but a changed mind about one’s relationship with food. Hopefully, by the end of the 30 days, a person will have started creating life long healthy habits. It is generally known that in order to alleviate bad habits you need to commit to 21-30 days.

The initial program begins with eliminating certain food groups such as alcohol, grains, dairy, legumes, processed foods, soy and of course sugar, not even honey! Thousands of stories of people who have committed to the new life style have attested to their lack of cravings for the bad “stuff” and increased energy levels. In addition, the healthy eating also brings added bonuses such as emotional alertness, better sleep and diminishing of aches and pains along with a plethora of other ailments.

Many have found the Whole30 program daunting and ask the question, “With all that is eliminated what is left to eat?” Jenny Fickey a freelance writer, blogger and certified coach offers great pointers, insight and advice on how to manage the program and keep your sanity. She shares her journey on fe-Media.com, a great resource site for families on the go! Read Jenny Fickey’s Tips

If you are new to the Whole30 movement then we suggest you read her article first before visiting the Whole 30 official website. Her tips are indeed helpful and will encourage you to stay with the program.

Wishing you a happy life change:-)


Official Website  http://whole30.com/

Pictures used by permission of TMG LLC

The Hartwigs on Healthtalk


Want to see more on Whole 30 click on the following link :Whole 30 Program









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