Nutribullet or Ninja?

Staying healthy couldn’t be easier with the nutrition extractors on the market such as Nutribullet and  the Nutra Ninja Blending System. Gone are the days of spending an exorbitant amount of preparation and clean up time with a traditional juicer.


I personally like the Ninja bullet, as I already  have the  entire  Ninja Kitchen System. Love its ease of use. I still have a juicer that is fantastic, but the bullet is virtually brainless. Place the vegetables and fruits that you desire into the container, add spring water. Pulse one, two, three and you are done. Very smooth, rich and ninjasatisfying. (See the video below from The Best Kitchen Reviews channel)

If you don’t want to spend the 89.99 price tag, Bed Bath and Beyond offers a 20% off one item in- store Savings Certificate. Once you receive your email print the coupon and present it at checkout. Of course you can unsubscribe later from the sign up.

Nutribullet has been running a special for a few months: Buy 2 for the Price of one. The choice is yours.

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