Sherman Browne Motivational Speaker


Sherman Browne is an electrifying Speaker, Professor and Entrepreneur dedicated to teaching, inspiring, and empowering individuals to unlock the power of their potential. Raised in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Mr. Browne began his journey as an aspiring dancer / reggae artist. In 2002, that shifted after he moved to the Bronx NY and witnessed extreme poverty while living in the poorest congressional district of the United States. Mr. Browne then decided to dedicate his efforts to community development and economic empowerment.

To accomplish this fete, Mr. Browne served as an advisor to local elected officials where he advocated and secured resources for non-profit organizations, schools and sports / recreation programs. Mr. Browne soon thereafter started his own practice as an education and organizational consultant, while also serving as a leadership and personal development speaker domestically and internationally.

Mr. Browne is an adjunct professor of Business and Criminal Justice and also the founder of the AIM High Empowerment Institute, a success initiative focused on improving academic, personal, professional and social outcomes for student participants.

Browne’s commitment to empowerment is surpassed only by his dedication to his family as a loving husband to his wife Mrs. Shereece Browne and their daughter Solaei Raiel Browne.

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