Cost Saving Projects for the Home

Your home is your castle. Don’t let the economy keep you from  making the home a place of enjoyment and tranquility. Looking for cost effective ideas. Then you have reached the right place. I will be bringing a plethora of do it yourself projects to this site with downloadable instructions and pictures. If you have the time and motivation you will be able to recreate these lovely creations. I would love to hear from you and please send pictures.

Ikea Easy Hacks

Ikea is an amazing store with great affordable decorating options. This is one that was so easy we had to share.  This  little idea is great for a narrow space especially when you need extra space options are limited.  The Trones storage unit at Ikea is used for shoes. The fact that they are only 7 inches in depth makes them perfect for narrow spaces. Stack them and add a piece of plywood and voila a new use and new look for this storage unit. The Trones storage costs $39.99 for 3. Colors are black, lime green, turquoise blue and white.  The cost of making this unit runs slightly under $100.00.

We scoured the internet and found more great ideas for these storage units.  They can be stacked like tiles and hung on walls to create any configuration that fits your space.   The possibilities are endless. Check out Pinterest for more ideas on using TRONES units.





























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