The Crow’s Anthem Part I

“The Crow’s Anthem” by Pamela R. Echols

‘You can’t win, you can’t break  even and you can’t get out of the game. People keep sayin’ things are gonna change….But they look just like they’re staying the same. can’t win you’re over your head and you only have yourself to blame”….

In the movie The Wiz, the scarecrow (Michael Jackson) is being taunted and teased by four unsightly looking crows, who tell him that he is stuck on the pole, there he will remain and there’s no need for him to try to get down. crowHe is forced to sing the crows’ anthem, which is full of defeatist messages, depicting his seemingly hopeless ‘stuck’ position. Dorothy (Diana Ross) who has been hiding in a field and watching the action decides to help the scarecrow from his perch. Upon his first attempt he lands flat on his face.  His response is that he is a total failure.  Dorothy replies, “No, you are not a failure, just the product of some negative thinking. The first thing we have to do it is get rid of these crows.” Once the crows are dispersed she helps him to take his first steps of freedom. As he begins to walk his facial expression changes to one of illumination. He looks at Dorothy and remarks “You mean the only thing keeping me stuck up on that pole and from living it up down here, were those crows”. Being down here for the scarecrow was the point of release from his seemingly immovable position.

How many times in your life have you felt like you were in a fixed position? You are not moving forward or moving back. Feeling relatively trapped in an abusive relationship, physical ailment, emotional distress, a job that you hate, don’t have a job, debt is piling up, bill collectors calling, barely making ends meet because the ends are passing like two strangers on a street corner.  Everyone’s situation is different but we’ve all been there or are still dealing with these issues. The crows can be the people in your life who like the song “keep sayin’ things’ll get better just to ease your state of mind.” They offer nothing but empty clichés but little means of support.  Then there are the lies of the enemy, who keeps saying “you can’t win, just face it! You are in that position and that’s where you will remain. He will bring up things from your past and generational issues to keep you bound by guilt and shame.

The key to changing your state begins in the mind.  What do you believe? Who are you going to believe; God or the lies of the enemy? What lies have you been listening to? Who are the crows in your life?  Do youmindconfusion share your dreams with people only to be ridiculed, talked about or discouraged from pursuing your goals? Are you like the scarecrow that remained on the pole due to negative thinking? At one point he pulls off his hat revealing a head full of garbage. What things do you allow into your mind? It is vitally important to guard our eye gates and ear gates as these are the entry ways where we receive information

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©Pamela R. Echols

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